Riverside Gardens Neighborhood Watch



Riverside Gardens has had very few problems with crime over the years and we would like to continue to be a safe and crime free neighborhood. The RGCA has been part of the Fairfax County Neighborhood Watch program for a number of years. Neighborhood Watch does not involve patrols through the neighborhood. Rather, the program focuses on increasing awareness of potential crimes and encouraging people to report suspicious activities to the police. Neighborhood Watch also encourages people to "avoid being a victim" by adhering to some of the Do's and Don'ts listed below.

Avoid Being a Victim

  • DO make your home look like you're there. Lights turned off and on by timers give your home a "lived in look" when you're away.
  • DO have good locks. A high quality, one-inch deadbolt lock on every outside door is a basic requirement.
  • DON'T leave your home unlocked, even for a brief trip to the store or a visit to the neighbor across the street. Many homes have been burglarized in just such short periods of time.
  • DON'T hide a key outside your home. Leave the extra key with a trusted neighbor or friend. If you have deadbolt cylinder locks you must use a key to lock the door, and can't possibly lock yourself out.
  • DON'T put a name or address tag on your house or car keys. That's an open invitation to an unwelcome visitor should you every lose your keys.   
  • DO plug a radio into a timer set to go on when you're away. Set the radio to all-talk station, leave the volume low, and give a would-be burglar the impression you're talking to someone. Light and noise are burglars' worst enemies.
  • DO have a free home security inspection and be an active participant in Neighborhood Watch. REMEMBER: A thief wants to take the path of least resistance. Your participation in Neighborhood Watch provides the most resistance.
  • DO be alert for strangers in your neighborhood! 

The Fairfax County Police encourage citizens to notify the police immediately of any suspicious people, trucks or cars in the neighborhood. Don't worry about being a nuisance. Your police department will welcome your call and the opportunity to prevent a burglary. Remember, your belongings are yours; keeping them out of the hands of burglars and thieves is your responsibility.

To report something or someone suspicious, use the Fairfax County Police Department non-emergency number, (703) 691-2131. For events that are life-threatening or immediately damaging to property, call 911.

Neighborhood Watch Coordinator

The Riverside Gardens Neighborhood Watch Coordinator is Denise Hayden.   If you are interested in helping with Neighborhood Watch please contact Denise at 703-799-2646.

Solicitors Keep Out!

 "No Soliciting" signs have been installed at the entrances to the neighborhood.  If a solicitor visits your home and you do not wish to speak to them we encourage you to tell them to leave your property.  Violators should be reported to the Fairfax County Police non-emergency line by calling 703-621-2131.

Please note that certain groups are exempted from the no soliciting rules.   These groups include: 

  • Charitable groups, including fundraisers 
  • Political candidates & organizations
  • Farmers selling fresh produce

If you have questions about the no soliciting signs please contact the RGCA president at president@riversidegardens.us.